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Why People Move: Top Motivating Factors for Americans on the Move

If you've read this blog before, you know it's brimming with moving tips for just about everything, however, today we want to focus a little less on the “how-to” part of moving and a little more on the “why”. Moving is one of the most significant life events a person will ever go through, so it's important to understand what motivates people to relocate as well.

A recent Harris Poll sought to answer this question and ended up with a mountain of data to show for it. The poll was administered to 2,232 people from November 11-16, 2015. So, what motivates people to move? Well, it depends on who you're asking.

According the survey, the top reasons Americans choose to move are as follows:

  1. 52% say they would consider moving to a state with a better climate.
  2. About 41% say they would consider moving for a good job opportunity.
  3. 36% say being closer to family is an important motivating factor for a move.
  4. 25% say they could be persuaded to move for health reasons.
  5. Between 10-20% say being closer to friends, a significant other, or a preferred school would motivate them to move.

Other common reasons for moving included being in an area where a particular lifestyle, political or religious choice would be more accepted (13%, 11%, and 11% respectively).

Breaking Down the Numbers

From a bird's eye view, those numbers probably aren't all too surprising, but a closer look suggests that age plays a big role in determining a person's attitudes toward moving. For example, according to the poll, Millennials are far more likely to move than their elders are across the board. In fact, older Americans were most likely to not consider moving under any circumstances.

Compared to Gen X and Matures, Millennials are more likely than their elders to move for a better climate (54% Millennials, 51% Gen X, 55% Baby Boomers, 39% Matures); job opportunities (68% Millennials, 52% Gen X, 20% Baby Boomers and 2% Matures); and proximity to a significant other (24% Millennials, 19% Gen X, 10% Baby Boomers and 4% Matures).

If you're moving, no matter the reason, be sure to check out these moving tips to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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