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Top Five Family Friendly Cities in the United States

When it comes to moving to a new city, there can be a number of factors that contribute to your decision. For those with families, however, a much larger number of factors weigh into finding a city that serves as the right fit. Recreational opportunities for kids, healthy school systems, and more often need to fall into place in order to ensure that every member of your family is able to fully settle in and begin growing over the years to come. It can be incredibly challenging to ensure that everything falls into place!

Below, we’ve compiled a list that showcases some of the most family friendly cities across the continental United States; we’ve done the heavy lifting for you!

1. Overland Park, Kansas

Highly rated schools, pristine parks, affordable neighborhoods and great support networks make Overland Park, Kansas ideal for families. Located 15 minutes from downtown Kansas City, Overland Park provides children with an environment to thrive. City leaders, top employers, and most residents put children first when it comes to spending and programming. It's easy to see why Overland Park is a best place to live.

2. Plano, Texas

It’s no wonder that Plano, Texas, has one of the highest high school graduations rates in the country. Parents and educators can easily find ways to keep children engaged, learning and healthy. Plano schools are highly regarded by parents and city leaders. Residents here strongly support the education systems and go out of their way to protect and nurture children.

3. Holland, Michigan

A large wooden windmill, white sandy beaches and the smell of Dutch bakeries wafting through downtown create a storybook setting in Holland, Michigan. Families quickly fall in love with the city’s scenery, recreational options and architecture. Contributing factors also include the city’s combination of small-town charm, natural beauty, great schools, low crime and a strong commitment to children. The economy in Holland is strong with a diverse range of businesses providing jobs.

4. Carmel, Indiana

Life is especially sweet for children living in Carmel, Indiana. Their well-educated and relatively affluent parents put a great deal of emphasis on making sure they have certain advantages, including top-rated schools, excellent community programs, safe neighborhoods and many recreational amenities. Progressive city leaders have positioned Carmel among the most desired locations in the country for young families. 

5. Leesburg, Virginia

Known for its historic charm, a quaint collection of shops and restaurants, and rolling, rural landscapes, Leesburg, Virginia, provides children with an excellent setting for exploration and discovery. The city’s low crime rate, high percentage of high school graduates, and affordable housing combine with beautiful scenery and small-town values to make Leesburg an appealing place for families.

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