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Tips for Organizing Your New Apartment as You Move In

Couple near fireplaceApartment living is the perfect option for many people who are not yet ready to buy a home. Apartments tend to be less expensive, conveniently located and offer a great sense of community. However, staying organized in a smaller space can be challenging, especially if you grew up in a house. Moving into an apartment is the perfect time to organize and declutter. That’s why we put together a list of things people can do to help keep their apartment well organized when they move in.

Rent a Storage Unit

This is one of the simplest ways to help keep an organized apartment. A majority of apartment dwellers live in the city with no access to garages or sheds. For those people, a storage unit may be the solution. If you’re moving into a new apartment, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area, ask your moving company about storage options. Many moving and storage companies all offer long and short-term storage, and if not, they can probably point you to a company that does; researching local storage units on the internet is another viable option.

Packing and Moving Electronics

You'll want to make sure that all game systems, computers, printers and other devices are all disconnected from their monitors, but don't disconnect the cords yet.

After you’ve partially disassembled all electronic devices in your old place, take the time to label each cord with what it goes to and its function (e.g. “printer/power”). This will not only help with unpacking, it will prevent you from mixing cords up in the future.

Finish disconnecting the cords from their devices and zip-tie all the cords that go to the same device together. Remember to pack your electronic devices carefully, if you don't have the original boxes, be sure to carefully pack them into plastic containers with plenty of padding.

Moving Your Media Collection

This is another trick you can start before your move. The first step is to part with as many physical DVDs, CDs, video/computer games and other disc-based media as you possibly can. This may be hard, but with so many great streaming and download services available, having a great collection doesn’t need to take up a lot of space.

We recommend only keeping and/or buying special edition physical copies of your favorite, classic pieces of media. This will mean a smaller, more impressive media collection that doesn’t eat up a lot of space in your apartment.

Keep Paperwork Organized

Moving into a new apartment is a chance to remove a lot of the clutter caused by paper. The first step is to limit incoming paperwork. Use your upcoming move as an opportunity to take advantage of the paperless billing option that most utility, television, Internet and phone providers offer.

Next, find unobtrusive ways to store the paperwork that you do need. We recommend buying a fireproof lock box specifically designed for documents; they can be found at most hardware and retail department stores. Use it to store things like birth records, financial documents, passports and other vital information that doesn’t need to be accessed frequently.

Liberate Your Medicine Cabinet

Some of the most essential items in the home are also some of the most easily forgotten: your family’s prescriptions. Before getting organized in your new home, make sure that all prescriptions and other medications are accounted for. Once you're sure all medication has been accounted for, you can begin thinking about organizing your bathroom.

Bathrooms can quickly become disorganized because so many important items are kept in this area. A simple solution is this: use the medicine cabinet for medicine only. All other items can be stored and organized around the bathroom by using various bathroom organizers available at places like IKEA. Depending on your needs, you should be able to get everything needed to organize your bathroom at an affordable price.

Getting and staying organized may seem hard, but it’s actually much easier to do during a move. Following the advice outlined here will result in having a stress free move and an effortlessly clean apartment that always looks inviting.

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