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Tips for moving from a small town to a big city

Tips for moving from a small town to a big city

The small-town lifestyle might have suited you for years, but the appeal of the big city has recently made a change of scenery more attractive than ever before. Your local farmer's market, that white picket fence in front of your neighbor's house and other local favorites you'd only find in your hometown will quickly become distant memories - you've made your decision: you're moving to the big city.

Culture shock can occur when transitioning from a small town to a large city. There are many obstacles to adjusting to life in a place filled with skyscrapers, traffic and people, and the following tips can help you get ready for your relocation.

1. Get acclimated to your new surroundings
Make sure you're comfortable with your new residence before you move. You could be relocating for a number of reasons, and regardless of whether you want to live in the city for its museums, its nightlife or simply to try something new, spend time in the area if possible to get a feel for what life will be like ahead of time. When you're comfortable with the location, you'll be better equipped to complete your relocation.

You'll want to consider a variety of factors before moving, including space issues you could encounter. Space is usually limited in many cities, so you'll need to determine where you can park your car. Additionally, your new residence might be smaller than your current home, and you'll need to find a way to either store or sell your belongings.

2. Make a budget
You're not in Kansas anymore - the cost of living in a city is typically higher than it is in small towns, so you'll want to examine how much your expenses will rise. Develop weekly, monthly and annual budgets because these plans will help you keep the funds in your bank accounts in check.

If you have friends or family members who currently reside in a city, it's worthwhile to get their advice. These people can help you create budgets and might be able to give you extra tips on how you can save money after you arrive.

3. Start packing
Packing for a move to the city is similar to a relocation to any location. However, what distinguishes a move to a larger area is accounting for space, traffic and other factors that could affect you on the big day.

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