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Tips For Finding a Good Roommate In a New City

You’ve just moved into a new apartment, but you need a roommate to make ends meet. Don’t worry, we have you covered! The following tips will help you find a roommate who isn’t certifiably insane!

1. Know Your Limits

Before you even begin a search, take stock of yourself. What can you handle and what can’t you handle? What qualities are you looking for in a roommate? Compiling a list before you interview roommates will save you a lot of stress after signing the lease. Cover topics such as smoking, cleanliness and hobbies. It’s ok that you can’t stand country music- just be honest about it and stay away from candidates who happen to love country.

2. Ask For Recommendations

Word of mouth is your best friend! Think about it, who knows you better than anyone else? Your close friends and family. Instinctively, they’ll know whether you would be compatible with a potential roommate before you even get to meet them. Granted that the person you meet online might end up being your best friend, but getting a referral is a safer option than trusting the word of someone you don’t know.

3. Meet Face To Face

Should you choose to advertise for a roommate, meet applicants in person at a neutral location for an interview. Keep the conversation casual and friendly – it’s not an interrogation – but stick to the task at hand and make sure they answer your questions. Another option is to bring a friend for a second opinion on the candidate.

4. Sign A Roommate Agreement

Made famous by Sheldon Cooper of the Big Bang Theory, a roommate agreement is actually quite practical. A written (and signed!) agreement will ensure that you are both on the same page about the living situation. Your agreement should cover everything from the share of the rent, to cleaning and which music is absolutely off limits to play in the apartment.

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