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The Do's and Don'ts of Moving to California.


Although moving to California can be exciting, the reality of moving quickly sets in. Just glancing around your home and realizing the sheer volume of things that require completion is enough to induce stress:

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  • You need to clean, pack and prepare your home for moving day.
  • If you have kids, you need to register them with a new school district.
  • You need to register vehicles and acquire a new license, if necessary.

In aggregate, these tasks (plus moving day responsibilities) can easily become overwhelming. The good news is proper planning will streamline your move, resulting in a smooth, problem-free experience.

Moving to California? Here are the Do’s and Don’ts

When moving, careful attention to detail can make a big difference. As you get ready and plan for moving to California, keep in mind a few key do’s and don’ts to prevent tricky situations:

  • Declutter – There’s no such thing as too early when it comes to preparing for a move. By getting rid of unnecessary items, you’ll save valuable packing time – and reduce moving costs by saving space and supplies. Comb through your home and donate, sell or discard unwanted belongings before you even assemble your first box.
  • Clearly Label and Organize Boxes – Haphazardly throwing belongings into boxes is a recipe for a disorganized, confused move. Avoid moving day disasters by clearly labeling and organizing your boxes by room. It’s also helpful to note whether boxes are holding fragile or heavy items, so you can take caution when loading them into the moving truck.

  • Hire Lax Movers – If you choose to use professional movers, you’ll quickly discover there’s no shortage of providers available. However inexperienced, unprofessional movers can cause serious issues on moving day. When searching for pros, make sure to do your research. Read online reviews and customer testimonials before signing a contract. That way, you’ll know you hired the right team for the job.
  • Forget to Prepare for the Unexpected – When you’re moving to California, severe weather, unexpected home inspections and other last-minute situations can easily arise. And if you don’t plan ahead, you might get stuck with your moving truck in a hotel parking lot. Plan for unforeseen circumstances by checking on available storage units in your area. If you hire movers, make sure they can store belongings until your home is ready.

Make Moving to California Painless With Stevens Worldwide

At Stevens Worldwide, we’ve dedicated ourselves to giving you and your family the attention and respect you deserve. With over 110 years of local and state-to-state moving experience, the experience and professional nature of the Stevens team is unmatched.

Our moving day capabilities include:

  • Full-Service Packing
  • Temporary and Permanent Storage
  • Driving Services

Stevens Worldwide is The Way to Move. To learn more about how we simplify moving to California, contact us today.


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