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Surprisingly, There Are Things Your Movers Won't Move!

Moving companies can be lifesavers. We’ll carry everything you own, handle three flights of stairs and we’ll move you any distance. Is there anything that we won’t do?

Actually, yes. There are certain items that we just can’t move. If you don’t know about these ahead of time, it can become a headache. Here’s a handy list of what a professional moving company such as Stevens Worldwide Van Lines cannot move for you.

Hazardous Materials

Not too surprisingly, federal law bans moving companies from transporting hazardous materials. This is probably a good thing. The list includes the obvious propane tanks, gas tanks and ammunition but it also includes other items you may not have considered:
  • Car batteries
  • Corrosive Liquids
  • Compressed gas canisters

If you have anything hazardous it’s best to dispose of it before you move and restock it at your new home.

Household Plants

If you’ve made an investment in potted plants, this one might sting a bit.

While a few moving companies may be willing to move a plant or two for a shorter move, most will not. You might have to and transport your plants yourself.

Food and Pantry Items

When it comes to all the items in your pantry, here’s a simple rule to follow: nonperishable foods can be transported but perishables are a strict no.

Keep in mind that anything open is considered perishable, no matter the expiration date. It’s better to play it safe and pack only sealed containers.

Alternatively, consider donating your unopened food to a local food bank via an organization such as Move For Hunger.

Lawn and Garden Items

Lawn and pool equipment can quickly become a source of stress on moving day.

Pool chemicals need to be disposed of, as does weed killer and pesticides. However, you can move the actual lawn equipment, such as your lawnmower or generator as long as you plan ahead.

For more information on all of the items that we cannot transport, take a look at our Non-transportable items list.

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