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Staying Healthy in Cooler Months for Your Upcoming Move

Winter will soon be here, and with that comes the sniffles and the coughs. On its own, aStaying Healthy in Cooler Months for Your Upcoming Move winter cold is pretty bad. However, if you’re feeling under the weather and you have to plan and undergo a move, that’s just unbearable!

At Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, we want you to be in “tip-top” shape regardless if whether you’re moving or not. Read on to see our top five tips for staying healthy in cooler weather (especially if you’re anticipating, planning or undergoing a move)!

1. Check Your Diet

High vitamin C foods will keep your immune system in great shape, so be sure to include various fruits and vegetables. Lemons, broccoli, kiwi and bananas should be staples.

Make sure that you’re ingesting a good amount of lean meats, fish, poultry, legumes (beans and nuts) and lots of herbs and spices.

If you’re having trouble eating the recommended two servings of fruits and five of vegetables, juicing may be for you. A blend of carrot, spinach, lemon and beets is a powerful, immune-boosting combination.

2. Sleep Well

You immune system can come to a screeching halt if you’re lacking quality sleep, which will make you more vulnerable to colds.

Create a relaxing routine before you hop into bed. Listen to soothing music or take a warm bath. Looking at screens should be avoided as the light can disrupt your eyes for hours after. Turn the lights down to a low intensity about an hour before you “hit the hay,” as this will boost your melatonin levels in your brain.

3. Wash Those Hands

Frequent hand washing is one of the best ways to not only avoid getting sick but it helps prevent the spread of illness as well. During the winter, this is crucial because we tend to sneeze and cough more frequently. Proper hand washing technique will tell you to wet your hands and lather up with a quality anti-bacterial soap for 20 seconds. This will dislodge germs. As you finish, be sure to rinse well under warm, running water.

4. Stay Social

We must stress that this goes far beyond chatting with friends on Facebook! Socializing actually strengthens your immune system. Interacting with others keeps you active and reduces your stress levels, so be sure to avoid the urge to plant yourself on your couch this winter.

5. Get Moving!

Exercise is not relegated to the summer! Keeping your regimen consistent through the winter months is vital.

Be sure to not go overboard with things, however, as overly strenuous exercise releases your stress hormone, which (you guessed it!) weakens the immune system.

Studies have shown that even a brisk walk several times during a week will reduce the number of sick days by 40% among participants.

We hope that you take our advice and use some of these tips to help stay in great shape this winter season, regardless of whether you’re undergoing a move or not! If you are anticipating a move, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines wants to help! We have all of the resources to help with planning and educating you as well as a nationwide network of movers to get you wherever you may be headed. Swing on in to our estimate form to request a free in-home estimate!

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