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So, You’re Moving to That Team’s City…

You live and breathe your local sports team. Naturally, moving to a new city is tough on the relationship you have with your team. It’s even harder if the city you’re moving to is the city of a rival team. The bonds you’ve created with your fellow fans will disappear, tailgates will be draped in the “enemy’s” colors and you might be disinclined to wear your prized jersey out of the house.

Thankfully, you can be a fan after moving to a new city where your team isn’t the favorite. It might take a little bit to find your crowd, but you can still wear that jersey! Below are a few tips for locating your fellow fanatics!

Football tailgatingInvestigate Local Hangouts: check out your local sports bars and dives and get a feel for who the favorite team is. While most cities tend to gravitate to a local team, you’ll come across some niche places that welcome an adverse opinion. Look at the décor. It’s usually pretty telling who the business supports by what is hanging on the walls.

Find Your Community: in most major cities, clusters of the general population tend to gravitate together around a common interest; sports are absolutely no exception. Utilizing social media to find your comrades is a great way to start. Silver lining, if you can’t physically meet up to enjoy the game, you can always build a strong sense of camaraderie online.

Use Technology: Expanding on the previous idea, apps make it easy to connect with your team and other fans. Major sports teams typically have their own apps with social elements that allow you to become a part of their community no matter what city you live in.

Hopefully these pieces of advice take the edge off of your move to another city. Don’t worry, your team won’t cease to exist just because you’re moving out of the city or moving to another state; they will be there and you will still cherish them.

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