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3 Tips When Searching for an Interstate Moving Company

Ever wonder about the value of an interstate moving company? When moving across state lines, attention to detail is key. Between rifling through belongings, packing, finding new schools, registering your vehicles and more, it’s easy to let the small stuff slip through the cracks.

A team of professional, experienced interstate movers can manage a complete range of moving responsibilities, including:

  • Full-Service Packing: Movers arrive prepared with durable boxes, cartons and crates. They can also provide unpacking services once you’ve reached your new home.
  • Temporary and Permanent Storage: If you need to store a few items for a short (or long) period of time, movers have access to secure and convenient facilities.
  • Driving Services: Navigating a bulky moving van is tough, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar area. Once your items ore safely stored on board, professionals will drive the moving van directly to your (new) doorstep.

On the Lookout for an Interstate Moving Company? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

You’ve made the decision to hire professional interstate movers to help with your transition. But it’s important to note that no two movers are the same. You want to find an interstate moving company that fits your budget, but doesn’t skimp on safety and security when transporting items.

Wondering what you need to look for from a team seasoned industry professionals? Here are a few helpful tips to get you started:

  • Check your moving company’s registration. Moving companies should have their Department of Transportation (D.O.T) numbers available upon request. This proves they are legally licensed to help with your move. And if you’re moving across state lines, it’s also beneficial to check that movers are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA).
  • Look for customer references and reviews. Past reviews can say a lot about how movers treat customers –and their belongings. Before you sign on with an interstate moving company, look for references, reviews and customer testimonials on their website or service page. If you can’t locate any online, ask the movers directly. A company with stellar customer service history has nothing to hide, and will gladly share reviews from past clients.
  • Ask if your moving estimate is binding or non-binding. You might fill out a form online with your information, and the moving company website generates a random number that seems to fit into your budget. Unfortunately, in many cases this quote is non-binding, meaning movers can raise prices and charge for add-ons. Prior to deciding on a moving company, confirm that the quote you received is binding. That way, the amount you are initially quoted doesn’t change – and you can avoid unwelcome surprises on the final price.

Stevens Worldwide: Your Go-To Interstate Moving Company

At Stevens Worldwide, we know interstate moving. Every year, over 15,000 families and individuals turn to us to provide a cost-effective, stress-free move. Our team of friendly, knowledgeable interstate movers are with your from start to finish, assisting you with every step of your move.

Stevens Worldwide is the The Way to Move™. To learn more about what makes us a top interstate moving company choice, or to request an instant quote, contact us today.


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