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Save on Your Move – Move During the Fall/Winter

Anyone who has ever moved before knows that summer is by far the most popular time to move. It makes sense. The kids are done with school for a couple of months, more houses tend to be on the market during the summer, plus the weather is nicer. However, moving during the summer can also resemble driving home from work during rush hour — very crowded.

There are some great benefits that come with moving off season, and we've outlined some of them here so that you can take advantage of these seasonal deals and have the smoothest move possible. With winter just a few weeks away, see why an off-season move may be right for you and start planning today.

Discounts on Moving & Storage

Industry statistics show that nearly twice as many people move during the summer than during the winter. Because volume is down during the colder months, many professional movers offer more flexible rates for their services. The possible discounts vary with every mover, but it's a question worth asking to see if you can save a little money. The weather may not be as warm this time of year, but moving costs are usually the first thing we consider when planning a move, and you're more likely to get a better deal if you book your move now.

Flexible Scheduling

With less customers vying for your mover's attention, you are more likely to get a move date that meshes with your schedule. With a more open calendar, your mover will more than likely be able to accommodate your choice of pickup and delivery dates. This means no worrying about a rushed moving timeline.

Better Odds on the Real Estate Market

When looking for your new home, there won't be quite as much competition when placing a bid. Less people on the move, means less potential buyers. This may also lead to getting a better deal on your new home once you find it.

Start Planning Now

If there's anything we can do to help with your off-season move, please let us know. At Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, we like to stay busy year round, and we have open dates for your fall or winter move. Call (877) 490-0713, or fill out our form for a free quote.


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