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Moving Coverage Options

Mover taking inventoryThroughout each phase of the moving process, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines makes every effort to ensure the safety of your household goods. However, damage or loss can sometimes occur. We assure you that any mishaps will be resolved in a swift and satisfactory manner. It is important to know how to best protect your goods, and report loss or damage should the need arise.

Outlined below are your choices for determining the amount of reimbursement in case loss or damage occurs. Use this as a guide in determining how to properly protect your valuables and select the appropriate level of protection – or valuation as it is known in the moving and storage industry.


Valuation coverage is required by Federal law for all movers. Valuation is not insurance - it is the level of liability your mover assumes for your goods. Simply put: if your goods are lost or damaged in transit, valuation is a specified amount the mover agrees to pay on a claim caused by the mover.

Valuation Options

Under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, your moving company is required to offer you at least two levels of liability protection. Stevens offers the following options:

Full Value Protection

Stevens recommends Full Value Protection to all of our customers. It is the best protection coverage available for your goods.

  • The Minimum Coverage Level for Repair, replacement or reimbursement of goods is calculated as follows: Weight of shipment @ $6.00/lb = declared value of the shipment.  Items are repaired or replaced, at carrier's option, up to the current replacement cost of the item, and subject to a maximum value of $6 times the next weight of the shipment. 
    • You may opt to purchase more coverage if desired. Your homeowners or renters insurance policy coverage limits provide guidelines for the amount you need
    • Full Value Protection may be purchased at a reduced cost by choosing a variety of deductibles
  • Additional benefits of Full Value Protection include:
    • Replacement value calculated at today’s costs with no depreciation applied
    • Repair or replacement applied to sets and pairs (if one chair in a set of four is affected, all four may be repaired or replaced)

Basic Liability

  • Our Basic Liability coverage provides you with minimum protection in the event loss or damage occurs.
    • Repair, replacement or reimbursement of goods is calculated as follows: Weight of Item X $0.60/lb = maximum liability
    • Basic Liability is offered with all moves at no additional cost to you.
    • This free coverage is VERY limited. For example, your coverage on a 10 pound chair or television would be limited to no more than $6.00 (see below).

High Value Coverage

In an effort to protect your special or valuable belongings, Stevens Van Lines has developed specific procedures for preparing and shipping items of high value. Items of high value are those considered to have value exceeding $100 per pound. Some items typically considered to be of high value include furs, antiques, silverware, crystal, precious metals, art, oriental rugs, tapestries, collectibles, firearms, fine china and some computer software.

Stevens asks that you keep your jewelry, currency, small valuables and irreplaceable items with you, as they will not be accepted as part of the shipment. If you decide to include other items of high value in your shipment, you must notify your Stevens Representative before packing or loading day. To ensure that these articles are not limited to minimum liability, you must list these items on the High Value Inventory form, which we will provide. Make sure to record signatures, serial numbers and manufacturers’ marks before you sign the High Value Inventory sheet. You may also want to photograph or videotape the items of high value prior to shipping.

It is mandatory for you to sign the High Value Inventory form even if no items of high value are declared. You will also be required to sign the High Value Declaration on the Bill of Lading contract.

If Stevens is packing your belongings, please instruct the lead packer to leave cartons containing high value items unsealed. If you are doing your own packing, do not seal any high value cartons. The driver who loads your shipment must be able to verify that the items listed on the High Value Inventory form are contained in the carton. On loading day, the driver will then seal these cartons and assign an inventory number in your presence.

If a claim is made, the maximum amount of any settlement is limited by the valuation declared for the entire shipment. If high value items are included in your shipment, but not listed on the High Value Inventory form, Stevens’ liability for any loss or damage is limited to $100 per pound per article, regardless of the valuation coverage selected. In addition, any claims settlement will be based on the type of valuation you select. If you choose a coverage that carries a deductible, it would affect the claims settlement made. Before any settlement can be made, you will be required to furnish Stevens with verification of ownership and proof of value.

You may choose either Full Value Protection or Basic Liability to protect your goods during transit. You also have an option to decline valuation and purchase coverage from a third party provider. To discuss what coverage is best for you, please contact your Stevens Representative.


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