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Interstate Moving Companies - How to Find the Best Services


At Stevens Worldwide, we understand that the process of selecting interstate moving companies is much different than a local relocation. We’ve worked to master the complexities and intricacies of interstate moving. Operating as one of the nation’s premier interstate movers, Stevens Worldwide staffs friendly, knowledgeable experts who have the tools and expertise to make interstate moving simple.

We help over 15,000 families and individuals with interstate moves each year. No matter how far they're moving across the country.

How Do Interstate Moving Companies Differ From Local Movers?

Interstate movers adhere to a different set of regulations and standards that are put in place by the federal government. You want to be sure your belongings are safe as they’re transported .  Van line moving companies (like Stevens Worldwide) are all held to and abide by strict regulations and standards. 

When you’re evaluating your interstate moving company options, Stevens recommends checking the following credentials before making your decision:

  • Ask your movers for their Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) DOT number, there’s no way to make sure that an interstate moving company is compliant with safety and financial obligations.

  • Make sure movers are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) This ensures companies are authorized to transport belongings across state lines.

  • Confirm your interstate moving company carries the right types of insurance. Ask for plan details, like how their policy handles indemnification of transported household items.

Interstate Moving Costs - Instant Quote Information 


Stevens Worldwide delivers free, instant quote estimates to help you plan a move with budget and affordability in mind. Our pricing tool offers a quick, convenient look at overall moving costs before relocation specialists conduct an in-home estimate.

In addition to solidifying moving costs, the in-home estimate is an opportunity to speak directly with Stevens experts, raising any questions or concerns before moving day. We’ll discuss what services are right for your move, and we’ll never sell you something you don’t need. If you do need a little extra help, packing, storage, and specialty shipping are no problem.

When should you contact interstate movers for an estimate? It’s ideal to give interstate moving companies at least five to eight weeks of lead time, with a final decision on your moving partner at least four weeks ahead of your anticipated moving date.

Finding and Evaluating The Best Interstate Moving Companies

It’s important to note that while interstate movers adhere to the same regulations, no two movers are the same. You want experienced, industry-seasoned professionals that not only fit within your budget, but have the knowledge, capabilities and tools to safely move your belongings across state lines.
Below are a few helpful tips when selecting interstate moving services:

  • Look for customer references and reviews.

    Previous customer experiences can reveal a lot about interstate moving companies. Look for references, reviews and testimonials on their website. Whether one star or five, a good company will be forthcoming and transparent with customer reviews.

  • Avoid extremely low quotes.

    Some interstate moving companies use low quotes to entice families. Most of the time these numbers are too good to be true, covering the most basic relocation services and hiding the add-on fees.

  • Ask if your moving quote is binding or non binding.

    Some moving companies provide non-binding quotes, which means prices are subject to change based on services and add-ons. Before signing a contract with moving partners, double check your estimate is binding. That means no changes, no price increases and most importantly, no surprises on your final bill.

  • Check that you’ll have access to every service you might need.

    There are interstate movers who do the bare minimum, seeing only that your belongings make it from one state to the next. But if you need a full-service move, let experts who bring a wide array of services and capabilities to the table handle them for you. Helpful services to look out for during an interstate move include shipping, storage packing and furniture assembly.

Questions to Ask the Best Interstate Movers


Interstate moving is a big undertaking with a lot of moving parts – which tends to produce a lot of questions. Over the years Here are some of the most frequently asked ones:

  • Q: Am I protected if items are lost or damaged?

    A: Yes, if you purchase moving insurance. Most insurance policies range from basic to full-value protection. The method you select determines the moving company’s maximum liability to you.

  • Q: What can movers help me with?

    A: Reliable, trusted movers provide full-service moving options including packing, shipping, storage and more. You can opt to have movers help you with one or two tasks, or handle every aspect of the move from start to finish.

Simple Interstate Moving Services With Stevens Worldwide

interstate movers successfully finish 

At Stevens Worldwide, we know what it takes to successfully complete interstate moves. Our dedicated relocation team transports your items with care and efficiency in mind, providing the services you need for a simple relocation. Need us to pack? Done. Interested in interstate storage options? We have you covered.
We work closely with customers to plan and execute a simple, headache-free move. When you choose Stevens, you’re choosing:

  • Moving Experience – Our team of relocation experts is well-versed with the intricacies of interstate moving and can determine the best moving strategy for you.

  • Cost-efficient Options – We specialize in providing affordable moving services to our customers nationwide. Whether you simply need us to drive the moving truck or opt for a full-service move, our competitive pricing model ensures you move within your budget.

  • Customized Planning – We start every move by first understanding your needs and expectations. Then we make recommendations based on factors such as budget and schedule to create a completely customized moving plan.

Over 110 years of experience coupled with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau make Stevens the go-to interstate moving company for over 15,000 families each year.

Reliability. Expertise. Trust. It’s that simple. Take on your next interstate move with Stevens. Request a free quote today.


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