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Mentally prepare yourself for long distance moving to another country

  • November 11, 2014

Mentally prepare yourself for long distance moving to another country

If your bags are packed, your job is lined up and you've hired a reliable international moving company, you may think you're ready to relocate to another country. However, those pangs of fear and anxiety might be interrupting your excitement about spending time abroad. If so, set yourself at ease - the hardest part is over and you just need to iron out the logistics of getting yourself through the actual process of long distance moving. Use the following guide to get your mind prepared for what could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Long flights
Chances are you've got a long flight ahead of you. Unless you're afraid of flying, this experience can be positive. If you're worried about your relocation, it's probably best to take your mind off waiting to leave. Choose an airline that has a wide selection of entertainment options and provides you with your own personal TV screen. When you can watch movies and television programs, you'll be surprised how quickly the time passes. Be sure your airline has options in different languages, or else you may be in for a long ride.

Customs and immigration
If you're moving abroad for a new job, it's likely your future employers have helped sort out your visa application. However, you'll still have to wait in a long line (depending on where you've arrived) when you first land so you can verify your identity. This is part of the process, so don't be nervous - if your documents are in order, you shouldn't have any problems.

Going through customs means you'll have to declare items and send your luggage through security. However, your international moving company should be delivering the bulk of your possessions, so these workers will complete the necessary paperwork.

It can be daunting to step out of the airport in a new nation. If there isn't a coworker or friend available to meet you there and shepherd you home, be sure to review local transportation options before you leave your home country. If you don't speak the local language, find out where there's a help desk or customer service administrator who can provide you with assistance in catching a train, finding the right bus or hiring a cab.

Jet lag
It's exciting to go around the world and settle into a new area, but you'll need to temper your enthusiasm and protect your physical and mental health. Minor time differences can disrupt your sleep schedule, even if you're feeling fine. Give yourself a few days to become acclimated to your sleeping patterns - even if you have plenty of energy during the day, you might find yourself nodding off by dinner time until your internal clock has reset itself. 


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