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Ease the pain of long term moving by getting to know your new community

  • April 15, 2014

Ease the pain of long term moving by getting to know your new community

If you're relocating so far you need to hire out of state movers, you're probably about to live in a place that's unfamiliar. If so, you should make sure you're prepared to meet new people, get involved in your community and ease the burden of leaving behind your old life. Here are some tips for fitting in and quickly making it seem as if you never even left at all.

If there's one place new people would be happy to meet you, it's in nonprofit groups and at charitable events. Most organizations like this are hard-pressed for volunteers to lend a hand, so look up a directory of nearby community groups and let them know you're available to help. Don't commit yourself too early, though, since you might be stretched thin if you're still unpacking after the relocation movers have delivered everything.

Look online
One of the great things about the internet is it connects people, even if they started out as perfect strangers. There are quite a few websites, including MeetUp, designed to help precisely this kind of situation. Think about what interests you and what kind of people you'd like to meet and start searching through this kind of service to find locals who want to get together.

Community events
If you want to be a part of your new community, you ought to be around when that community gets together. Many towns and neighborhoods host outdoor gatherings, especially during the spring and summer. Find your town or city's website and look for an events page that will let you schedule some outdoor walks when fairs, celebrations or holidays are being held.

Be out and about
The single most important way you can get to know people is by not staying inside and at home all the time. If you want to at least get to know the area and hope to increase your chances of making new friends, you can always have dinner out every once in a while. If you enjoy a few cocktails every now and again, look up a local pub or lounge. No matter what area your long distance moving took you to, you'll probably find some friendly folks willing to strike up a conversation. 


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