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Encourage children to participate in all aspects of the moving process

  • July 08, 2013

Encourage children to participate in all aspects of the moving processProfessionals who are moving to a new state in order to further their career may want to employ corporate relocation services such as Stevens Worldwide Van Lines for help with the transition. These big moves can be an exciting time for families, but children may not always be on board from the start. Here are seven tips for parents to consider when moving with their children.

1.) First of all, parents need to make sure their children understand that they are coming, too. Children sometimes do not understand the process of events that are unfolding, and if they see a moving company in the driveway, they may not connect that they're going to be involved.

2.) If possible, when shopping around for a new home, bring the children. This will give them a chance to experience their new town, form a love for their new neighborhood and help them feel more comfortable moving away from where they grew up.

3.) When packing up the boxes for the relocation movers, only bring the necessary possessions. It is important to instruct children that they cannot always bring everything, so separate what they're comfortable with leaving behind. Consider donating old toys and clothes to a local charity before leaving to make the moving process easier.

4.) Parents should set up several play dates for their children with their friends before leaving town. This will give them an opportunity to have closure and exchange contact information, so they can stay in touch with their childhood companions.

5.) Parents should also allow their children to have some input on which room will be theirs. Providing some choice can help reduce the stress children feel while moving to a new home.

6.) After the family arrives at their new home, parents should make sure the children are involved with the unpacking of their possessions. This process will help them adjust to their new setting and allows them to become familiar with the space.

7.) Immediately seek to find entertainment options for children to enjoy in their new town. Socially integrating them into the community will help them feel more at ease, especially if they make friends relatively fast.

Moving to a new town or state due to professional opportunity is an exciting time in any adult's life. However, it is important for them to consider their children's feelings throughout the process. Including the kids in the decision-making process, the packing and unpacking efforts can help them feel more confident that they'll enjoy their new home for years to come. 


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