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Tips for long-distance moving

  • February 22, 2013

Tips for long-distance moving

The further your new abode is from your current location, the more difficult the transition will be. Long-distance moving can be challenging without the proper preparations. Unlike short trips down the street or to a neighboring town, you have to be mindful of issues that are unique to lengthy journeys. 

There are special steps you can take so you're long-distance move isn't overwhelming. Follow these helpful moving and packing tips and your trek from current residence to your future home will be as easy as pie. 

Take extra care while packing
Apartment Therapy notes that you increase the odds of damaging your belongings by traveling a long distance. To ensure that none of your prized possessions are broken during your tip, take extra care while packing your house. Do not rush and carefully wrap every item so minor bumps do not result in serious destruction. 

Invest in the proper supplies before you move. Sturdy boxes are among the most important necessities because weaker models can be crushed under the weight of other containers. Additionally, you need to choose the best padding for all of your items. Wrap every item in newsprint or heavy paper and then use bubble wrap or tissue paper to keep all of your belongings locked in place. 

Only bring the essentials
Even with the help of a household moving company, it's nearly impossible to pack all of your possessions. Before you start packing, sort through your belongings and decide what is essential and what can be left behind. recommends leaving unnecessary items behind, but you have other options. Ask your friends and family members if there are any of your worldly belongings that they've had their eyes on and would like to keep. Consider holding a yard sale to help fund your trip. Alternatively, you can donate some of your belongings to charity. Research local shelters and see what types of items they need. 

Have temporary housing plans
Sometimes it's impossible to complete your move in a single day, so you have to line up temporary housing options. Research hotels along your route and book rooms in advance to avoid potential headaches. 

Additionally, points out that you should seek temporary shelter if your new abode won't be ready by the time you arrive. If you have friends or family members in the area, ask if you can stay with them for a few days. 


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