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Homeowners are choosing affordable houses

  • February 22, 2013

Homeowners are choosing affordable houses

Americans are no longer moving into larger homes. According to USA Today, more homeowners are relocating because they cannot afford their current residences. The news source reports that many consumers are looking for more affordable living spaces, and some are moving in with relatives to reduce expenses. Michael Stoll, chairman of UCLA's public policy department, believes that this is unprecedented behavior. 

"This is the shock: For the first time, Americans are moving for downward economic mobility. Either they lost their house or can't afford where they're renting currently or needed to save money," Stoll told USA Today. 

For many Americans, time is of the essence, and they must move out as soon as possible. A reliable household moving company like Stevens Worldwide Van Lines can ensure that homeowners can vacate their current residences in a timely fashion. 

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