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Tips for packing your television

  • February 08, 2013

Tips for packing your television

Television plays an important part in everyday life. The New York Daily News recently reported on a Nielsen study that found that the average American watches 34 hours of TV per week. Senior citizens watch the most at 48 hours per week and teenagers watch the least at 22 hours per week. 

Consumers love their televisions and go to great lengths to guarantee the safety of their devices. The gadgets can easily be broken, especially when people are moving. The slightest accident could result in a cracked screen or damaged internal components. 

Follow the below moving and packing tips so your TV will not be harmed in transit. 

Use the original box
The original package is the best material to use for transporting a TV. Unlike other boxes, they are designed specifically to keep the devices safe and are the perfect sizes. Consumers should always hold on to the containers in case they decide to move. 

Most televisions come with Styrofoam and other protective materials. The items can easily be replaced if the originals are not readily available. Use paper to prevent the screen from getting scratched and use other materials to keep your TV from moving around. 

Bundle the peripheral devices
The actual television is only part of the equation - you also have to account for the wires, remote controls and media hubs. Keep all of these peripheral devices together so that they are not lost in the shuffle. If you do not pack your possessions with similar items, you will have trouble locating certain gadgets when you unpack. 

Dedicate one box to all of your television's accessories. The single-container system helps you organize your belongings so that you can quickly set up your TV in your new home. Label the package so you do not forget what is stored inside. 

Hire professional movers
Packing and shipping fragile items like televisions are jobs that are best left to the professionals. Unless you have experience in safely packing breakable objects, you should hire state to state movers. The experienced workers ensure that your TV will safely make the trip from your current location to your new abode. 

Professional movers from Stevens Worldwide Van Lines can help you with your television and the rest of your prized possessions. Instead of worrying about all of your belongings, you can hire Stevens so you can focus on settling in to your home. 


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