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Helping children through international moves

  • February 07, 2013

Helping children through international moves

Moving is an emotional and stressful process for children. It is difficult for kids to leave the only homes that they have every known and acclimate themselves to entirely new environments. The challenges are compounded when families move abroad.

Youths can find familiar amenities when they are only moving out of state and staying within their native lands. When parents take their sons and daughters to new nations, the entire culture is radically different. Their new homes are intimidating and slightly terrifying, so it is imperative that mothers and fathers offer comfort. 

Consider the following helpful tips to ensure that your children can handle your international relocation plans. 

Study the country together
The Telegraph recommends learning about your new country as a family. You should sit down with your children and read books, watch documentaries and visit websites to learn about the culture. Find interesting materials that will pique your child's interests. 

Focus on the culture of your new town. You want your son or daughter to adapt to a small environment before exploring the rest of the country. A narrow focus can help keep your child calm and makes the relocation process seem manageable. If you cannot find learning materials on a certain location, focus on popular cultural aspects to highlight the benefits of your new country. 

Keep them involved
Much of the stress that children experience during international moves stems from the fact that they do not have any power. Their entire worlds are changing and they have no control over the situation. 

British Expats writes that you should give your kids some power and keep them involved with the moving process. Allow them to pack their own clothes and toys before the household moving company arrives. Children enjoy being treated with respect and being able to make their own decisions. 

Consider the educational options
The news source also points out that parents should weigh all of their options when it comes to potential schools. International institutions are usually the best options when there is a significant language barrier that could prevent your children from socializing with their peers. The schools often provide counseling and emotional support for expatriates. 

Parents should take their kids to visit multiple schools before making the final decision. Children should be in safe and comfortable environments where they can thrive. The more involved sons and daughters are with picking their schools, the better they will perform academically. 


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