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Movers are choosing Oregon

  • January 18, 2013

According to an industry survey, Oregon is one of the most popular destinations for people moving out of state. The Beaver State saw a massive increase of new residents during 2012. Joe Williams, a real estate agent, told KVAL, a CBS affiliate, that inexpensive land prices are part of the state's appeal.

"You can buy a home, have it built for generally speaking less than you can buy a comparable existing home," Williams said.

Another possible explanation is Oregon's rapidly improving unemployment rate. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), over 11 percent of the state's population was jobless in 2009 and that the rate dropped to 8.4 percent in November 2012, the latest period for available data.

Oregon is home to many industries, including sportswear and green technology. Most notably, Nike's headquarters is in Beaverton, Oregon. There is also a high-demand for trade workers at eco-friendly manufacturers.

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