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How to stay organized during your move

  • January 18, 2013

How to stay organized during your move

One of the most difficult parts about moving is staying organized. All of your belongings must be packed quickly and safely so you can leave your current residence and settle into your new abode. Unfortunately, if you've accumulated a great deal of personal possessions, it can be difficult to move everything in an orderly fashion.

It's not impossible to stay organized, but it might take some work. You'll want to be prepared when your nationwide movers arrive so that the truck can be loaded and you can hit the road. Here are some moving and packing tips you can follow to ensure that the relocation process isn't chaotic.

Decide on the essentials
Not every household item is a necessity and some can easily be replaced once you've finished your move. Go through all your rooms and decide what belongings are essential and disposable. Make a list with two columns so you can keep track of each possession so you don't get confused and accidentally throw away a personal treasure.

Additionally, you can use your move as an excuse to buy new furniture. If your chairs, couches and beds have seen better days, it may be beneficial to have new models waiting for you at your new address rather than packing and moving the heavy items.

Label every box and bag
The easiest way to become disorganized is to forget which box belongs in which room. You shouldn't open a container and be surprised by its contents. List the belongings stored inside or write the name of the room the box should be placed in on the outside of the packaging. Labeling can reduce confusion and streamline the relocation process because you won't have to stop and ask where each box belongs.

Hire a household moving company
Some jobs are best left to the professionals. Relocation is a difficult and stressful process and not every homeowner can balance moving with their everyday responsibilities. Hiring a moving company can be one of the smartest steps people can take when they're leaving one property for another.

Relocation movers from Stevens Worldwide Van Lines can neatly pack all of your worldly possessions so you don't have to worry about any of your household items being lost in transition. Additionally, Stevens can provide storage if you want to unpack in small increments.


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