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Best countries for American expatriates

  • January 18, 2013

Best countries for American expatriates

For some Americans, moving out of state just isn't far enough and leaving for a new country is the ideal solution. A new nation can mean greater opportunities socially and economically for expatriates. That said, some countries offer more outstanding changes than others.

Before you hire an international moving company, you need to pick the ideal location. You should seek a home in which you can advance your career and enjoy a lively culture.

United Kingdom
According to CBS News, 14 percent of American companies expand into the United Kingdom, which means employees may have the opportunity to move abroad without going through an extensive job search. The financial industry is the country's driving economic force, so workers who want to break in or are already part of the sector may do well by choosing the UK.

Unlike other foreign countries, American expatriates won't face an extensive language barrier by moving to the UK. Other than the accents and regional vernacular, international movers can acquit themselves well in this location.

Brazil and Mexico tend to dominate most of the discussion when it comes to the best countries south of the border to move to, but Argentina has quietly ascended to the top of the list in recent years. The nation is one of the most stable in South America and boasts several thriving industries including manufacturing and nuclear power.

Expatify recently reported that Buenos Aires is one of the cheapest cities in which American expatriates can live. The news source also writes that Argentineans are very accepting of foreign nationals, which can make the transition much easier for movers because some countries' citizens don't provide the warmest welcomes.

While most of the European Union is in the midst of an economic meltdown, Germany has prospered. The nation has thrived thanks in part to its booming biotech and renewable energy industries. Recent graduates with degrees in information technology and medicine could easily find work in the medical and consumer electronic sectors.

Cost of living obstacles may prevent some Americans from leaving the stars and stripes behind, but Berlin is one of the most inexpensive cities for residency. According to CBS News, the average rent for a two bedroom apartment in the city is only $1,600 per month, which is lower than cost in most major American cities.


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