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Moving while pregnant

  • January 16, 2013

Moving while pregnant

Some families choose to move when they find out they'll be welcoming a child into their home. Parents decide to relocate based on a variety of factors like education options, finances and available space in their residences.

Whether you're moving out of state to be near better schools or to the next town to be closer to family, relocating while you're expecting is difficult. You can't exert yourself physically and must adhere to your doctor's orders while still ensuring that all of your personal possessions are safely packed and shipped. You can move while pregnant, but you should be ready to ask for help.

Focus on the little things
While you shouldn't lift heavy boxes while carrying a child, you can still help by accomplishing some smaller duties. Sort your belongings for packing and keep everything organized. Additionally, you can fill some boxes while you're resting so that you don't over-exert yourself.

Plan around your appointments
You shouldn't skip a single appointment, even if you're busy with moving. Your possessions can wait and your focus should be on the health of you and your child. Plan ahead so that you don't feel rushed, because you'll have to take time out to see the doctor.

Seek help
Consider asking your loved ones to lend some helping hands. The relocation process can progress slowly if you don't have adequate assistance, and you must be prepared for your moving day. Explain the situation to your friends and family so they'll pitch in.

If you're relocating because you don't live near your loved ones, hire a household moving company. Professional movers can safely pack, store and transport all of your worldly possessions, allowing you to only focus on staying healthy.

Take your time
Don't put additional stress on yourself by rushing to meet certain deadlines. Set small goals for yourself and work at a manageable pace. Start making preparations as soon as you have a move-in date to avoid encountering last-minute stressors.

Wait to buy baby supplies
If you're having your first child, wait until you're settled in your new home to buy baby furniture, clothes and amenities. Holding off on certain purchases reduces the amount of possessions you must pack, load and unload.

Buying essentials in a new neighborhood also allows you to meet new families. You can speak with other expectant parents while shopping and become part of the community.


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