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Tips for moving back in with your parents

  • December 13, 2012

Tips for moving back in with your parents

Many college graduates move in with their parents once they earn their degrees. The strategy is growing in popularity among former students if they are struggling to find jobs and can't afford to find places of their own.

There are some key moving and packing tips you should follow when you're relocating from a dorm or apartment to your parents' house. Living with your folks is a world apart from staying with your friends, but the actual relocation process doesn't have to be difficult.

Cut down on your belongings
You won't have the same amount of space in your parents' home as you did in your own place. This is a great opportunity to reduce the amount of clutter you have and decide which of your belongings are necessities.

Before hiring a household moving company, sort through all of your possessions. Give your frivolous items to your roommates and friends for their apartments. This will give you more room when you move back home and can potentially help you save, as you won't have as much to transport.

Don't ask your parents to help
Psychology Today points out that your parents are already doing you a favor by welcoming you home. They're under no obligation to give you free housing, but are doing so because they care about you. This isn't the best time to ask them for any additional help, such as lending a hand with moving.

Relocation movers can help you move quickly without inconveniencing your parents. Experienced professionals can safely pack all of your belongings and transport them to your parents' house. Additionally, bringing in your own help can show your folks that you're responsible enough to solve your problems without seeking their assistance.

Move when they aren't home
Plan to move in when your parents are elsewhere so that you don't bother them. Schedule your relocation date when your mother and father are at work to avoid interrupting your weekend plans. Moving in without bothering your parents demonstrates that you're considerate of their needs and feelings.

Be ready to pitch in around the house
While your parents likely won't charge rent, you should be prepared to pitch in around the house. Do small chores to say thanks and consider helping out with the bills. Your parents are giving you a place to stay, so ensure that you show your appreciation with helpful gestures.


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