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Ideal countries for retirement

  • December 12, 2012

Ideal countries for retirement

Sometimes, your home country isn't the best place to spend your golden years. Moving to another country can often be extremely beneficial as you can discover a new culture and find various amenities that aren't necessarily available in your home nation.

No two countries are alike, however, so it's important to research different lands before you give all of your belongings to an international moving company. Below are some of the best countries for retirees who are looking into an international lifestyle.

The Emerald Isle's economy is gradually recovering, but home prices have yet to significantly increase. U.S. News and World Report recently pointed out that Ireland's housing costs are still falling, so now may be the perfect time to buy property there.

The country is famous for its vibrant culture and is primarily an English-speaking nation, so most Americans should feel comfortable there. Additionally, Ireland is close to many European destinations, allowing movers to easily visit most of the continent's famous attractions.

While Brazil's economy has been steadily improving, Argentina quietly remains one of South America's most stable countries. Argentina is known for its bustling cities like Buenos Aires and idyllic country towns, so anyone can find their perfect lifestyle.

According to the news source, foreign interest and domestic inflation has raised Argentina's cost of living, and that figure is still climbing. If you're planning on packing up and relocating to Argentina, it may be financially advantageous to make the move sooner rather than later.

New Zealand
Australia may dominate the Southern Pacific tourist market, but New Zealand offers great amenities for residents. The country is primarily known for its breathtaking scenery and also has one of the most unique and diverse cultures in the world.

Forbes notes that New Zealand's retirement visas only last two years and have income requirements. If you decide to move to the island nation, you may want to consider other options in the event that you don't qualify for permanent residency.

Long distance moving can be difficult, and some retirees may want to stay close to the U.S. so they can easily visit loved ones. Mexico is a popular choice for many American senior citizens who want to live in another country, but want to be near family.

Even in popular coastal towns, Mexico's cost of living is relatively affordable. U.S. News and World Report notes that retirees can live on as little as $2,500 per month in some locations. 


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