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Staying productive during corporate relocation

  • December 06, 2012

Staying productive during corporate relocation

Corporate moves can be difficult as businesses must find ways to continue production during the relocation process. Employees are sometimes asked to perform regular work even as they're packing up their offices.

By making the correct preparations, you can stay productive even as your company is moving out of state. Read on for some moving and packing tips that can help you work on the road.

Research hotels
If you're driving to your company's new offices, research the hotels along your route. When you spend days on the road you're losing valuable work time. Many hotels offer free internet service so you can remotely connect to your corporate server. Additionally, you can plan to travel with your associates and hold meetings before you turn in for the evening.

Make your data accessible
Your company will probably hire nationwide movers to transport all of its computers. Before the big day, save all of your important files to an external hard drive or cloud service. You can use these tools to access all of your documents and share them with co-workers so you don't lose production time on the road. These data storage options can also simplify the transition if your company is installing new equipment.

Make a to-do list
While you can't tackle major projects on the road, you can complete some basic tasks. Plan to handle some work that doesn't need to be completed in the office. For instance, you can hold a conference call in your hotel room or email your co-workers the agenda for the first few days in the new office.

Plan for small hiccups
The first day in a new facility likely won't be the smoothest. There may be technical problems that prevent everyone from working efficiently. Microsoft recommends making contingency plans while moving so you're prepared for everything. Research local businesses and contact support services so you have help for any problems that may arise.

Don't stress yourself out
Moving is stressful, so avoid taking on too many obligations during the process. When you feel overwhelmed, delegate projects to your co-workers or ask for assistance. Give yourself time to relax while traveling and take a break from your responsibilities.

A new office can be exciting and help you increase productivity. Just remember that the relocation process is short and you'll soon be in a permanent facility. The above tips can help you survive the move until your company's new workspace opens.


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