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Satisfy your hunger on moving day

  • November 21, 2012

Satisfy your hunger on moving day

Moving day can be organized chaos, even if you've called a professional moving company for support. However, hunger pangs can quickly hit, especially if you're lifting items, packing belongings and performing various physical tasks, and you'll need to be able to handle these urges to stay focused.

Depending on the size of your move, you might want to feed dozens of friends, family members and relocation movers throughout the trip. Check out the following tips to make sure your moving crew stays energized.

1. Offer snacks and beverages
You might have packed the items in your kitchen's cupboards and refrigerator, but you can still provide on-the-go drinks and snacks on moving day. Fill a cooler with ice and place water bottles, cans of soda and other assorted beverages inside that people will enjoy. Additionally, you can provide candy, fruit and other portable foods.

Be sure to have a trash bag out so you and your moving team can easily dispose of items. In fact, it's often a good idea to have two trash bags - one for garbage and the other for recyclables. Clean up after yourselves throughout the trip - there's nothing worse than a messy car or home - and if necessary, take trash bags with you so you can properly dispose of them along the way.

2. Provide regular breaks
Small and big moves can be exhausting, and periodic breaks give your moving crew members time they can use to enjoy food and beverages. You can set up a schedule ahead of time based on the distance you're traveling, or simply play it by ear. When you need gas for your car or just a few minutes to relax, take a break, have a snack and regain focus.

3. Enjoy three meals a day
A relocation can toss a wrench into your regular eating schedule, but try to stay as close to this everyday routine as possible. Have a tasty breakfast to get your move started on the right foot, and enjoy lunch and dinner later on.

It might seem challenging to stick to three meals a day during a relocation, particularly if you have no food or cooking supplies in your kitchen, but plenty of alternatives are available. Pick up coffee, bagels, doughnuts and other breakfast treats in the morning, and you can always order out to help feed larger moving teams. Budget accordingly for meals, and keep in mind that you can also pack sandwiches, salads and other pre-made dishes in coolers to save money.


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