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Tips for moving at night

  • November 09, 2012

Tips for moving at night

You're likely to have a wide variety of belongings to transport when you're relocating. Depending on whether you hire a moving company, putting items in your car, driving them to your new residence and returning to start the process all over again could take hours, especially when you factor in traffic and the distance between your current and future addresses.

Prolonged moves could stretch into the night, but don't let the dark hold you back. Consider the following tips to help you safely move your possessions after dusk.

1. Use fluorescent labels
Packing can be difficult, and imagine the trouble you'll encounter if you cannot remember which items were placed in a moving box when you're transporting your belongings at night.

Fluorescent labels are easier to see. Use these bright labels when packing to identify which belongings are included in certain boxes.

2. Carry a flashlight
A portable flashlight will come in handy. It helps illuminate paths and can reduce the risk that you might trip over a moving box or accidentally step on valuable possessions.

Before moving day arrives, make sure that you have a flashlight that functions properly. Replace the batteries if it's been over a year since they were last changed. Additionally, glow lights could prove to be valuable if you give them to friends and family members who are helping you move, as these sticks can temporarily brighten up dark areas.

3. Limit the distance
Homeowners who have garages can try to back up cars and moving vehicles close to their residences. Minimizing the distance can make it easier to load and unload items, regardless of whether it's light or dark outside.

Be sure to light up paths to moving vehicles. Flood lights are incredibly helpful, and waterproof and motion-activated varieties are available to illuminate walkways. 

4. Be extra careful when driving
Remain cautious when driving at night - you'll want to do everything possible to keep your belongings from moving around. Follow the rules of the road, use your headlights and, in extremely dark areas, use your car's brights.

If you're tired or not used to traveling long distances in the dark, pull off to a rest area or hotel and get some rest so you can start fresh in the morning.


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