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Tips for a cross-country move

  • September 07, 2012

Tips for a cross-country move

Although a relocation of any distance can be complicated - whether moving out of state or across town - a move across the country poses some unique problems. Although you will almost certainly enlist help of nationwide movers to help you transport most of your belongings, there are still a lot of things you will need to do yourself, and you may want to think about these in advance to help develop a plan.

Here are a few tips to help make your cross-country move as smooth as possible.

Send some belongings in advance
Many of the belongings in your house are used every day, such as kitchen supplies, beds and tables. Others, however, can be shipped to your new location using long distance moving and storage. Sending belongings in advance can help remove some of the strain from the days immediately preceding your move-out date and allow you to organize house clutter and give you more space.

Start by making a list of some of the things you think you can do without for a few weeks or months. Some common examples are off-season clothes, spare furniture and unnecessary decorations. Packing these objects up and sending them in advance can make the process easier.

Talk to people from the region
If you are moving across the country, you will likely find that your new location is much different than your current one. Weather, culture and home-style may all change significantly, so it could be helpful to get some input from a local.

For example, finding out which of your belongings you will likely need right away and what items you will need to buy can prevent you from going on a mad dash once you get to a new location.

Additionally, getting the local perspective can help you prepare mentally. How will people treat you once you arrive? What will your child's new school be like? How safe is the area? These are all things that can help you imagine your new life before you're actually thrust into it.

Packing and moving
It is also vital that you have a good strategy for getting your belongings to your new home safely and on time. A reliable, professional long distance moving company will help you focus on some of the other pressing issues.


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