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What should you keep in mind during an office move?

  • August 15, 2012

Gentleman planning an office move

Moving can be a stressful experience for most people. While millions of Americans make household moves during the course of an average year, the relocations that fewer people have heard about are those individuals transitioning to a new office. Small and medium business owners may have to move out of one office for another due to growth or the advantage of a better location.

Consequently, there are several details a person will need to remember to ensure a move is a success. Corporate relocation companies, check lists and other tools can limit the potential for disruption in the workplace and allow an owner to get back to running his or her business after a move.

Here are four tips to keep in mind when relocating an office:

1. Create a schedule. Crafting a moving timeline will allow a business owner to prepare for relocation. The timeframe should incorporate any side projects that need to get done in the office before the relocation. For example, clients may require notification if the move will disrupt the normal goings-on in the office.

2. Stand firm with deadlines. A successful business is a well-oiled machine. Organization is the backbone to the entire operation and allows for clients, employees and any support service personnel to appropriately craft plans of action. As a result, a business owner may need to craft a list of moving deadlines. Office equipment, papers, technology and other supply items need to be readied for the eventual relocation. Set deadlines for each project and remain firm with meeting them to ensure everything gets done in a calm, relatively stress-free manner.

3. Prepare employees. Communicating with employees about the entire moving process will allow them to prepare for the eventual transfer. By outlining the deadlines being set in place and what needs to be completed by that time, employees can help get the office ready for the relocation. For example, items may need to be filed in a certain manner before a move or cleaned before the movers show up with the truck. 

4. Hire a professional moving company. Don't mess around with the success of a business - hire a professional and reliable moving company. Corporate relocation companies can drastically improve the entire process by removing a majority of the stress involved with transporting office supplies.


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