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3 tips for couples moving in together

  • August 07, 2012

3 tips for couples moving in together

For couples taking the plunge, moving in together is both the most exciting and frightening time of their lives. Thousands of thoughts sporadically pop up and can cause moments of anxiety and joy.

Couples often wonder how they will get along once they are living together, and both parties must try to figure out how to combine households. So, whether you are getting hitched and following the traditional path or participating in the new trend of premarital cohabitation, here are a few tips for moving in with your sweetie.

1. Hire professional movers. Lifting, carrying and packing are grand tasks for many, and often these can lead to stress that could cause tension. Therefore, invest in the relationship and your nerves and hire a moving and relocation company. These professionals can help you get your belongings from your respective homes to the new property with less stress and get everything there safe and sound. Professionals can also help provide a couple more time to organize their belongings and focus on directing boxes and furniture to the right rooms. 

2. Redecorate together. Before moving into a new home, consider the furniture each party owns. Rarely does a couple require two dining room tables or couches. Consequently, each person contributes to the interior design of a property. Use a combination of possessions and either sell or store the leftovers. This helps better ensure that each person is happy with his or her living arrangement and feels as if he or she has ownership of the space. In addition, these divide and conquer techniques for decorating will allow you to reduce the amount of possessions you will be squeezing into the space, creating a more cohesive design for your home.

3. Spend time apart. After spending time together to get a home in a suitable state of organization, it is important for the health and sanity of a relationship for each party to spend time alone. Perhaps you may want to give the other person time alone in the home to go through possessions in peace and quiet as he or she gets accustomed to the change of scenery.

Couples moving in together for the first time can save themselves a lot of stress by dealing with a household moving company and following the previous tips.


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