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Great cities for young people

  • July 18, 2012

Great cities for young people

A city's features and demographics can help it attract a specific type of new resident. Some metros have a reputation for strong medical care and a temperate climate, which make them tempting choices for retirees or aging citizens. Other regions have renowned school systems and enriching cultural institutions, leading them to be a natural fit for growing families.

By contrast, young people are lured in by a different set of criteria - great nightlife, affordable living options and easy access to colleges or universities. Because this age group is particularly mobile, finding a location amenable to those tendencies is especially important.

For young Americans considering moving out of state to a more youth-friendly city, here is a list of a few of the most suitable metros.

Burlington, Vermont
Nestled against scenic Lake Champlain, this small city is home to several colleges and universities, including the University of Vermont. Despite its small size, Burlington is home to a bustling music scene, a handful of well-regarded breweries and many renowned restaurants. With its mix of rural beauty and urban entertainment options, this metro is a great choice for young people looking for an exciting, affordable city.

Austin, Texas
Texas' capital city came in at number one on a recent Forbes poll of the best cities for young people, and it's no surprise why. With an unemployment rate nearly one-third lower than the national average coupled with a relatively low cost of living, Austin's youthful residents are among the most financially solvent in the country. Ample career opportunities and affordable homes mean that a relocation to the area, even if it involves hiring moving van lines, could be a wise economic move.

Additionally, with its reputation as the Live Music Capital of the World," Austin doesn't disappoint in terms of entertainment.

Seattle, Washington
Although it's near the Canadian border, Seattle is in many ways an all-American city. It boasts a low median age and a reputation for trend-setting, engaged young people. In addition to its strong coffee, food and music, Seattle has a diverse population that contributes to the area's sense of excitement and opportunity. Like Burlington, this metro is also rife with natural wonders and chances for outdoor adventures.

Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix is the rare city that appeals equally to both young and old residents. With several fun-loving universities in the area - including Arizona State University, the biggest in the country - there is never a lack of youth-centered excitement. With modest unemployment and reasonable home prices, Arizona's capital is likely to continue attracting young residents for many years.

For those who decide to move to one of these youth-focused cities, consider hiring nationwide movers to make the transition easy. They can help you find the time to entrench yourself in a young community.


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