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HR professionals expect a busy year for employee relocations

  • July 10, 2012

HR professionals expect a busy year for employee relocations

The near future appears to be brighter in terms of hiring and employee relocation. Most businesses in the United States plan on increasing their hiring this year, according to the 2012 Allied Workforce Mobility Survey.

Large companies in particular - those with more than 10,000 employees - are preparing for a busy recruiting year. The survey revealed 80 percent of them are planning for "extensive" or "moderate" hiring. As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile, this is likely to mean a large number of people will be relocating this year for a job.

According to Human Resource Executive Online, this shouldn't be a problem. The majority of HR professionals surveyed said that today's workforce is quite amenable to relocating for a job, referring to it as either "highly mobile" or "somewhat mobile."

What could be a problem is that many HR professionals are worried about their company's plan for relocating employees. More than one-third of the survey's respondents said that there was no formal relocation program in place.

Hiring a moving and relocation company can help make moving to pursue employment a lot easier. New employees will certainly appreciate the assistance of reputable, professional nationwide movers. With a year that is likely going to be filled with a great deal of relocations, such a service could make a huge difference.


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