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Choose Stevens to avoid a moving nightmare

  • July 05, 2012

Choose Stevens to avoid a moving nightmare

Moving is a stressful enterprise even under ideal circumstances. Seemingly endless packing, tearful goodbyes and the demands of moving into a new home are all often rife with unexpected and frustrating obstacles. However, when you throw in an unprofessional and unreliable household moving company, the results can be disastrous.

That's the situation that Becky Thomas and Lisa Rainey found themselves in when they moved from Colorado to Austin, Texas. With a great deal of belongings to move, the couple hired out of state movers to help them manage the details. They were told that their possessions would arrive at their new home between one and seven days after they packed them, according to KVUE, a local ABC affiliate.

"Thirty-two days later, our items show up damaged with no one to help the driver unload the truck," Rainey told the news source. "They can't provide a weight ticket. They don't have an invoice."

The delayed arrival was bad enough, but receiving damaged and lost possessions was truly upsetting.

"Most of our big items are damaged. A lot of the boxes they brought in are damaged," Rainey said to the media outlet. "We've got 16 boxes off the list that are missing."

When relocating to a new home, especially if you are moving out of state, it is vital to ensure that you have hired a reputable, reliable moving and relocation company. With valuable and sentimental belongings - as well as convenience and comfort - on the line, conducting research to identify the best service for your needs is wise.

At Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, we know that this is an important and potentially stressful time. We take the proper steps to ensure your belongings are properly packed and safely stored during transit, so that you arrive at your new home with everything intact. With 107 years of moving experience, we are known for our "Total Customer Satisfaction," which ensures that we will pickup and deliver your belongings exactly when you want them.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on taking the best possible care of your possessions. We catalog all household items before and after we load them to ensure that everything is precisely where it should be. We also have the most secure and reliable packing techniques available to keep all your belongings out of harm's way. Finally, we offer different coverage options to make sure you feel comfortable while organizing the rest of your move.

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