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Austin leads the nation in new homes

  • June 25, 2012

Austin leads the nation in new homes

When deciding where to move, considering the age of a city's housing stock can be an important factor. Newer homes typically mean more current features and the most modern building techniques. More new home construction can also be an indicator of a region's overall economic health and a harbinger of rising home values. If this is important to you and you are considering moving out of state, a new study found that Austin, Texas, may be your best bet.

Findings from the Census Bureau show that almost 15 percent of homes in Austin have been built since 2005. That number of new homes - 106,069 - is greater than all homes in the area built before 1970.

This prevalence of newer homes is proof that Austin's housing market is headed in a positive direction. Austin also saw a 25 percent rise in sales of existing homes in May, as well as a 10 percent increase in median price, according to the American-Statesman.

Job growth, an increase of new residents, low mortgage rates and high rents are all likely contributors to this increase, according to the news source.

If new homes and a growing economy make Austin an attractive relocation destination, consider hiring a household moving company to make sure you get to Texas' capital with everything you need.


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