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Understanding active communities for seniors

  • June 18, 2012

Understanding active communities for seniors

As the baby boomers age, new locations for them to spend their retirement emerge every year. While in times past many retirees moved in with their grown children, enrolled in nursing homes or remained in their houses, American seniors are increasingly flocking to communities built expressly for these purposes. Florida, Arizona and Nevada build more of these towns each year, and the number of senior residents is increasing faster than most imagined.

These communities offer many advantages over the alternatives. Because they are typically in warm climates, many seniors find life more enjoyable. The demographic consistency allows them to easily find friends and activity partners. Finally, because each resident or pair has their own home, there is plenty of room for their belongings and visiting relatives.

Across the country
As previously mentioned, these communities are sprouting up most often in southeastern and southwestern states. However, there are options almost everywhere in the country, including Texas, the West Coast and the Great Lakes region. With communities in Florida and Arizona leading the way, these establishments are attracting retirees in droves - some of them even increase their senior population by nearly 50 percent annually, according to MSNBC.

Although life may be easier once the seniors arrive, the process of moving there can be strenuous. Most new residents arrive after moving out of state from their original homes - often thousands of miles away in the northeast or midwest.

Because of this, organizing the shipping of decades worth of belongings can be complicated. Therefore, many retirees enlist the help of a household moving company to assist in the process. These out-of-state movers can help ensure that the new life awaiting seniors can start without missing a beat.

New home
Once they've arrived and unpacked, seniors are open to a new world. Surrounded by people of similar ages and interests, it's easy for them to begin adjusting immediately. Most of these active communities offer new residents extensive services intended to help them make the most of their new homes. Whether telling them about groups, facilities or nearby attractions, this information is useful for seniors to find a schedule that suits them.

These new communities for active seniors help retirees have the options they need to continue a full and rich life in their golden years.


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