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Ways to use an office move as a money-maker

  • June 14, 2012

Ways to use an office move as a money-maker

For many companies, relocating to a new office is a huge upgrade - better amenities, more modern furniture and improved technology are just some of the perks that a move can offer. However, office moves can also be a hassle. In light of this, it might not always feel like it's worth it to go through the trouble and expense of moving. However, if done correctly and looked at as an investment, switching to a new office can be a great opportunity for a business hoping to grow.

Two recent articles - one in D Magazine from corporate relocation specialist Jim Lob and another from Microsoft -  claim that if planned properly, a move might actually help productivity. Not only can a move be used to upgrade to a more conducive working environment, but it can be a good opportunity to find a more efficient and cost-effective space, Lob writes.

The article from Microsoft stresses the importance of utilizing the move as an opportunity to upgrade technology and increase productivity.

With these goals in mind, here are a few key points to consider while planning an office relocation, whether it means moving out of state or up the block.

Return on investment
Calculating the financial rewards of switching offices is a complicated process. Evaluating how a move affects savings, profit increases and output quantity are all important factors. For example, the bill for relocation and moving services should be weighed against the productivity it saves.

Technology upgrades
Using the move as cause for upgrading equipment can be an incentive for employees to help organize the move as well as a way of maintaining productivity across two workspaces, according to Microsoft. The opportunity to purchase a large portion of your company's equipment at once could offer bulk savings as well.

A new work environment can also boost productivity. The process of re-establishing a workspace and upgrading equipment can help employees find more efficient and effective ways of completing their work. To accurately measure this potential increase, Lob recommends dividing each employee's generated revenue by his or her salary.

Both Microsoft and Lob urge that coordination is an important way to save money during a move. Using a corporate relocation company to take care of the physical move frees up time for you and your employees to focus on the larger logistical concerns - designing the space, minimizing lost time and ensuring that all the details are taken care of.


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