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Office supplier will shutter facility and move workers

  • June 08, 2012

Office supplier will shutter facility and move workers

ACCO Brands Corporation, a major office products manufacturer, is closing its facility in East Texas, Pennsylvania, and relocating some of the workers and supplies there to several other facilities across the country.

The move comes in the wake of the company's decision to merge with another major supplier of calendars and office supplies.

"Our recent merger with the Mead Consumer & Office Products business has created a significant overlap in our Dated Goods business, and the best option for our company in the long term is to co-locate these businesses in a much larger facility in Sidney, New York," said Thomas W. Tedford, executive vice president of ACCO brands.

The East Texas facility was particularly known for its Day-Timer planning products, a product the company has been producing for more than 60 years, since ACCO began printing them in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The Day-Timer will remain one of the company's distinctive products.

Closing facilities and consolidating operations is an unavoidable part of modern business. Although it can be difficult for employees forced into moving out of state, the right relocation and moving services can help make the transition as seamless as possible.


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