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Conducting a national search

  • June 01, 2012

Conducting a national search

In the quest to find the right talent for your company, it sometimes pays to expand your search. Although there are some undeniable benefits to keeping your search local, casting a wider net will allow you to more precisely find the talent you need. A national search isn't easy, though, and there a few guidelines to understand to ensure that you maximize its effectiveness.

Know what you're looking for
Before you start trying to attract the right candidates, you need to know what you want. Make a specific list of the qualifications and experience you would like the prospective employee to possess. Think about what the job responsibilities will be and what qualities an ideal person would have. Also, not everyone is up for a likely ready to relocate. Understanding how to predict what type of person is likely willing to call out of state movers and head out for a new job will help focus your search.

Do your research
Understanding the job market and the current landscape of talent will help you target the right people. Where are people looking for jobs? What type of skills are most readily available? Going into the search with as much information as possible will allow you to conduct your search quickly and precisely.

Pick your spots
The internet is a powerful tool for an employee search, and harnessing it to suit your needs is crucial. Finding sites targeted toward your specific  field is a good place to start, but adjusting your search to suit the most popular career-services sites will help increase your response volume.

Describing your position
The way you explain the position you're hoping to fill is an important part of this process. Before considering moving out of state, most applicants would want to believe that such a job is a unique and valuable opportunity. Explain why you are conducting a national search and why the position is worth relocating to obtain.

Make it attractive
To entice the best talent, you need to make the position seem like a great option. Salary, benefits and job security are a great place to start. However, additional perks to make the relocation seem less daunting can help a great deal. Offering to reimburse them for long distance moving and storage or give them a relocation stipend will help sweeten the pot.

Don't give up
A national search is bound to take longer than a local one, but with some patience and tenacity it could prove to be worth it. Finding the right employee - no matter where he or she is currently located - can make the difference for your business. 


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