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A few staging tips

  • May 30, 2012

A few staging tips

As the housing market slowly rebounds, people trying to sell their homes are finding more and more competition. Effectively staging your home in the hope of luring a buyer is a crucial part of the selling process. You could hire a professional to help you prepare your home, but with a few simple tips there might not be any need to. You can learn the best ways to do it yourself and use the money you save by hiring relocation movers to help ease the rest of your move.

Pare it down

When it comes to enticing a buyer, you want to give them as much freedom to reimagine the space as possible. Get rid of the clutter and keep it clean and simple. This has the added benefit of making the space seem larger and more livable.

Clean the bathroom

It may seem obvious, but grimy bathrooms are one of the most immediate turn-offs for a prospective buyer. Get out the elbow grease and make the bathroom look especially appealing.

Restock the kitchen

While the bathroom might just need a good scrub, investing in some fancy new kitchen appliances can pay dividends. According to HGTV, buyers are especially swayed by a kitchen filled with modern appliances as they can more easily see themselves utilizing a fully stocked kitchen. Plus, once your house is sold, pack those gadgets and send them with the out of state movers and use them when you get to your new kitchen.

Stay current

If you're thinking of doing a decorating project, research what's popular first. Buyers will likely see that as a reflection of the attention you pay to other parts of your house. Additionally, whatever tricks you pick up in this process can be applied once the household moving company transports all of your belongings and you get to redecorating the new space.

Open it up

Just before a showing, open some doors and windows. Letting in some fresh air will help make the house feel and seem fresher. Natural light, similarly, will make your home feel more warm and welcoming.

Keep learning

If you can, pay close attention to how your prospective buyers react. Do their eyes linger on a specific crack or corner? Take note and think about how you can change it for the next time.

The little touches

A few simple touches such as fresh flowers or homemade cookies have the potential to make a big difference. The difference between a house and a home is a slight, but important one.


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