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More companies expected to relocate this year

  • May 16, 2012

More companies expected to relocate this year

As the recession fades, 25 percent more companies are planning on relocating employees this year than the last, according to Benefit News. The improving economy will allow businesses to plan for growth, instead of hedging their bets, by more aggressively expanding their operations and financing more employee relocations, the news source reported, citing an industry survey.

Companies are increasingly viewing the economy more favorably, the survey shows, meaning they are likely to resume their more aggressive stance on expansion and restructuring from before the recession. Whether that means sending employees to a new destination or the company moving out of state itself, increased mobility is predicted.

As the economy improves - which 44 percent of executives say they believe will happen, according to the survey - companies will likely begin to reconsider the advantages of specific regions across the country. Currently, the Northeast tops the destination list at 42 percent, but the Midwest isn't far behind at 37 percent.

By using a moving and relocation company, many businesses will likely find that relocating their offices or some of their employees is not as disruptive as they had imagined.  


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