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The U.S. and Japan agree to relocate about 9,000 troops

  • May 09, 2012

The U.S. and Japan agree to relocate about 9,000 troops

Hoping to alleviate a source of conflict, the U.S. and Japan have agreed to relocate around 9,000 Marines from Okinawa, according to Bloomberg News. Housing the troops led local residents to complain about crime and pollution, according to the news source.

In an effort to maintain a military presence in the Pacific, the majority of the troops will be relocated to Guam, while the remaining soldiers will be stationed in Hawaii and Australia, among other locations, according to the American Forces Press Service.

As part of a security treaty going back more than 50 years, Japan will partially fund the move by paying Guam $3.1 billion, according to the news source.

According to Bloomberg, part of the move's motivation is rooted in financial constraints in the face of defense spending cutbacks.

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