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Some tips for National Moving Month

  • May 09, 2012

Some tips for National Moving Month

As the school year ends and warmer weather returns, May is National Moving Month and the heart of the moving season. Big moves can be complicated, and finding the right household moving company can be a scary process. With a few simple rules and some guidelines it's easy to make long distance moving and storage a safe and uncomplicated process.

Do some background on your moving company
There are many moving companies in America and, unfortunately, not all of them are stellar. In fact, some of them aren't even licensed. In 2011, the Better Business Bureau received more than 9,000 complaints against movers, according to WTSP, a Gannett affiliate in Tampa Bay. Among those filed were complaints such as damaged items, lost or stolen belongings and even possessions held under the demand of additional payment, the news source reports.

"A con artist with just a truck and a website can claim to be a legitimate mover," Linda Bauer, CEO of the American Moving and Storage Association told the news source. Therefore, you should always make sure that the out of state movers you select are licensed by the federal government.

Pay attention to warning signs
If you start to get a bad feeling, examine it. Your negative feelings can be confirmed by some typical signs of a below-board mover. A few to look out for, according to Time, are:

-The movers use a rented truck without the company's name on it.
-They fail to provide any specific information about their license or insurance.
-The movers ask for a big deposit or payment up front.

Low prices might be too good to be true
Many people get duped by an unlicensed company by falling for a low price, according to Time. To avoid this, be proactive - ask plenty of questions and be specific about services and charges.

Think about full value protection
When you move, you are typically transporting things that are incredibly important to you - and worth quite a bit. Therefore, the peace of mind afforded by insuring your property with full value protection could be an incredibly wise investment.

Plan Ahead
To avoid being in a rush - and in a state of mind susceptible to rash decisions - it's important to plan far in advance. If you know when and where you are going to move ahead of time, it is a good idea to start communicating with your relocation movers as early as possible and avoid falling prey to a less than honest moving company.


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