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Company relocates to improve efficiency

  • May 07, 2012

Company relocates to improve efficiency

As a company develops a growing list of collaborators and partners, it sometimes finds its initial geographical location might not be ideal for its overall efficiency. Sometimes this situation causes a whole business to pick up and move. When the company's line of work is evolving quickly - the technology industry, for instance - such relocations are even more common.

That's what happened recently with Intact Integrated Services, an IT company. Knowing that many of its partners were located in Carmel, Indiana, and realizing that communication would improve with greater proximity, Intact decided to move to that city from Cincinnati.

"In Carmel we’re close to key Intact technology partners such as Cisco, and we’re confident that Indiana will prove the right choice for Intact," managing director Jeff Hamilton told Area Development.

Although moving out of state will certainly help streamline Intact's business, it could also cause some headaches in terms of keeping its business organized. As a way of minimizing this potential for confusion, utilizing the services of a moving and relocation company devoted to ensuring organization and professionalism on both ends of the move could make the process go quite smoothly and ensure that everything stays intact.


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