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Single state to state movers find Atlanta best city for dating

  • April 17, 2012

Single state to state movers find Atlanta best city for dating

If you're single and ready to mingle, Atlanta may be the best American city for dating, a 2011 feature by The Daily Beast shows. This report shows that 69 percent of men and 71 percent of women report a single status in Atlanta, and considering the multiplicity of dating options within the city, moving van lines are likely to be busy relocating people searching for true love.

Atlanta is a great option for those moving out of state, as it is a dynamic and growing metropolis. 2012 data from Department of Numbers shows that the median asking price for home in Atlanta is $165,000, making it an affordable option. Professional movers can help in every step of the process, from consultation about storage and container moving options to full service packing, transport and unloading.

Atlanta houses many world class attractions and restaurants. Sports fans can take in Braves, Falcons and Hawks games. Food lovers can cook up a little romance at the annual Atlanta Food & Wine festival, which features some of the best local culinary creations. Atlanta is also home to Coca-Cola and CNN, both of which offer fascinating tours that might lead to romantic sparks flying. Further, there are few things more romantic than experiencing the Gone With the Wind's classic Hollywood vision of Atlanta  by visiting the Margaret Mitchell House. Although the house featured in the film has been demolished, the museum offers insight on her inspiration for the novel and may cause romantics to contact their moving and relocation company immediately.

Even if you've had trouble with dating in the past, Atlanta has you covered. A quick Google search will reveal approximately a dozen Atlanta-based dating consultant services. Further, considering all of the online dating sites that have gained popularity, Atlanta should be a great location to put you in the dating game.

Household moving companies can simplify your relocation by offering full-service options that alleviate the stress of a relocation. You can look your best when you arrive at your new home and save your energy for those hot Atlanta nights after you've met the person of your dreams.


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