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Professional Packers from Across the Country Sharpen Their Skills at Stevens' Special Training

  • May 20, 2010

Focusing on the best ways to pack everything from wine glasses to works of art, movers from across the nation got an intense refresher course on the proper ways to prepare household items for a move.


Just in time for the “summer moving season,” Stevens Worldwide Van Lines recently hosted a “Packing Boot Camp” for its moving and storage company agents.


Stevens’ agents from Washington to New Jersey attended the training, which featured hands-on and practical workshops. They spent two days brushing up on skills including packing delicate items, padding furniture for moving, organizing and labeling moving boxes, and securing items for transportation.


The purpose of the two-day session was to share best practices and offer refresher skills for those in the moving industry who have the challenging jobs of packing and securing items for a move.


“When a family is moving out of one house and into a new home, they are counting on the moving company to get all of their furniture, their dishes, their electronics – everything they own – there safely and securely. That’s a tall order,” said Jim Welsh, Stevens’ vice president of operations, who developed the curriculum for the “Packing Boot Camp.”


“Stevens and its agents regularly train all of our packers, but this special session was an additional way to reinforce the very best ways to pack. Our goal is to make sure that items arrive at the new house in exactly the same condition as they were when they left the old house,” Welsh said.


The timing of this training is especially important, noted Welsh, as the “summer moving season” is just kicking off.

Experts predict that as many as 70 percent of the nearly 40 million Americans who will move into a new home this year will do so between May and September. Many of those movers will rely on professional packers and movers for their moves.


Stevens reminds customers that when selecting a moving company, be sure to carefully check that the company is legitimate. The American Moving & Storage Association, the trade association for the moving and storage industry, notes that one way to differentiate quality movers from potentially unscrupulous ones is to look for the PROMOVER symbol and designation. It is estimated that thousands of families and individuals become victims every year to movers who don’t live up to the promises they make to customers. The methods of those disreputable movers range from dramatically changed prices during the course of a move to furniture and belongings being “held hostage” until the customer pays a “delivery fee.”


PROMOVER is a consumer protection and certification program that assures customers that companies have passed a background check of operations and have agreed to abide by a set of honorable business practices and the American Moving & Storage Association’s Code of Ethics.


Those approved as PROMOVERS will display a capital block M PROMOVER logo.


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