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Sometimes, in the process of packing for a move, you find that you have a lot more than you can realistically take with you. Rather than consigning i

With gas prices soaring, many people are looking for ways to cut back on spending in other areas. In fact, 59 percent of Americans have notably reduc

Moving out of state is never easy, but doing so while crunched for time can be particularly rough. Whether it's because of unforeseen circumstances o

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With gas prices continuing to surge, an increasing number of people are starting to curse their commute. What's more, a long commute could actually e

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First, some bad news: If you're moving for a job, it's going to cost you. The good news is that some or all of that can be paid for by your future em

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Joe Biskner, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines President and COO, comments on the outflux of residents from the state of Illinois in The Telegraph newspaper

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