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Relocating to a new office - whether it means moving out of state or to the next floor - can be a stressful process. Maintaining productivity and san

Having a child is a common reason for moving. Whether you're relocating to a better school district, finding a larger home or moving out of state to

The time comes when leaving home is the right choice for a senior, but it is rarely easy. Steep staircases, isolated locations or maintenance costs c

When predicting how home buying and relocation trends will unfold in the near future, it's important to understand to how the current generation of l

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After nearly a decade of dwindling real estate values, now may be an opportune time to buy property, according to Time Magazine. Between still-low pr

When moving out of state to a new home, there are a lot of details to keep in mind - and a lot of hidden costs. Some of these are obvious - down paym

Wouldn't it be nice if you could stay on vacation all the time? Surprisingly, some people are thinking of ways to do just that. One suggestion is to

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Deciding where and when to relocate your business can be a thorny affair. Access to customers and suppliers, as well as personal preferences, can all

Getting a job offer is great but potentially complicated news. For example, if the new job is across the country and not across town, there are a few

Sometimes growing means moving. Certain features of a business' locale can hamstring growth, and when this is determined to be the case, a company of

As a company develops a growing list of collaborators and partners, it sometimes finds its initial geographical location might not be ideal for its o

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There are many reasons that being the spouse of an active military member is tough, and getting a job is often one of them. Employers sometimes balk

A recent series of flash floods in a southern region of the Philippines has prompted the local government to relocate around 40 of the affected famil

Families that include active military members make many sacrifices for their country. One that is often overlooked is their willingness to uproot the

In many circumstances, having a stable of helicopters would help with long distance moving. In some situations it just means that there's more to mov


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