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Moving Wine: How to Safely Move Your Collection

One of the most common moving questions we get is how to move fragile or specialty items. Usually, this is with regard to antiques or family heirlooms, but today we are going to focus on another specialty item that is becoming more and more popular to move: wine collections.

According to Business Insider, the U.S overtook France as the number one wine market in the world in 2014. The percentage of Americans who drink wine vs beer has become nearly equal, according to the same report.

The 18-29 age group is mostly responsible for spurring this growth in popularity for wine, and they also happen to be the age group most likely to move. So, in order to keep our readers informed, we have compiled the following list of helpful tips for moving wine.

Get it Appraised

Whether you're a seasoned sommelier or just a leisurely connoisseur, wine can represent a fairly large investment. So the first step toward moving your wine safely is to call an appraiser. You can do this by chatting up local wine merchants in your area or by doing some research online to find an appraiser. It's important to have a specific value on your wine before your move.

Take Pictures of Your Collection

This is something you should do with any high-value item you plan on moving. Taking pictures of your collection before you move ensures you have an accurate record of the condition of your wine, should any problems arise.

Control the Temperature

Wine is very sensitive to temperature. Maintaining the proper temperature for your collection is crucial to avoid altering its taste and appearance. The older the wine, the more sensitive it is. If your collection isn't too large, we recommend transporting it in your own car so that you can control the temperature for the entire move.

Tell Your Mover About the Wine Collection Before Move Day

Your professional mover will need to know about this well before load day. Not only are they trained in moving large collections as safely as possible, but they will also be able to advise you on best practices for packing your collection properly.

Packing Dos and Don'ts

Packing a wine collection is different than packing your other belongings, so be sure to ask your mover about which specialty boxes to use and how to position your bottles once packed. Corked wine bottles should be packed upside down so the cork doesn't dry out. Also, do not try to move bottles that have already been opened.

After the Move, Don't Open Your Bottles Right Away

Regardless of how much precaution is used when moving wine, some bottle shock may still occur. It's a good idea to let your wine settle for a few days after you move in before opening any of your bottles. Opening them too soon may result in a loss of flavor quality. We recommend waiting at least seven days before indulging after your move.

We hope you found these tips helpful! If you're looking for the right mover to help you relocate your wine collection, or if you have any other questions about moving, be sure to check out our Find an Agent Tool and our moving tips page.

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